Understanding and Changing
Challenging Behaviour

challenging behavioursChallenging behaviour is often the biggest cause of concern to parents and carers of somebody with learning difficulties. This series of three books – each aimed at a particular rare syndrome - is written by the clinical psychology team at Birmingham University headed by the world-renowned Professor Chris Oliver in association with Professor Pat Howlin from the Institute of Psychology, London and Professor Richard Hastings from Bangor University North Wales and their respective research teams. The easy to understand guides include an interactive DVD which allows users to map their way through the three year research programme for each of the rare disorders which was funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The books offer reasons to why the challenging behaviours occur and offer some intervention ideas.

In Angelman’s Syndrome 978-0-9554195-9-1
(Out of print)
In Cornelia de Lange Syndrome 978-0-9554195-7-7
In Cri du Chat Syndrome 978-0-9554195-8-4
Price (each) 11.99
33 pages + interactive DVD

In Angelman’s Syndrome

In Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

In Cri du Chat Syndrome

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