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Guide coverArts and Mines is the absolutely no-holds-barred tale of the life of
Glenn Fitzpatrick, AKA Fitzy, a dyslexic teenager from Kent turned Gulf War soldier, ’90s raver and brain cyst survivor who finally finds his peace in life through art. Told in Fitzy’s own frank words and blackly comic illustrations, Arts and Mines offers fascinating, often shocking, insights into life in the Army, Fitzy’s struggle to cope with returning to civilian life, plus a rich run of experiences that takes in the London rave scene, drugs and alcohol, accidents and illness, all culminating in a somewhat unpredictable MA in Fine Art in 2001. Fitzy’s story offers a unique and compelling perspective on a period of recent history, and throws into stark relief the difficulties faced by ex-servicemen. No ‘misery memoir’, this is the story of a man who fought back, no matter how many times life kicked him in the nuts, and he tells his story with biting wit and honesty, showing how art can offer a way to channel the pain caused by the experience of war.

With graphic illustrations and anecdotes that take in the hazards of defecating in the desert and a squaddies’ obscene cure for snoring, this is not a book for the faint-hearted, nor is it a celebration of war. It is a personal story, and a uniquely designed book that will appeal to anyone who likes their art ‘in-yer-face’ and their social history searingly honest.

ISBN 978-0-9554195-6-0
Price: £12.99
180 pages. Colour


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